1. Data source

2. Transform

3. Visualize

4. Publish

Get started with The Gamma in four simple steps! First, select your data source. You can choose one of our built-in data sources or simply upload a CSV file. For more options, see publishing data, which explains how to write your own data service.

If you just want to try The Gamma, you can select one of our sample data sources. After you choose the data source, you can modify the code to choose other indicators, years or other kinds of aggregations.

You can also find more sample data by browsing the gallery. If you know what you're doing, you can also go directly to writing code!

Do not upload or paste files that you want to keep private. After the file is uploaded, it will become publicly available and others may download the full content of the file. If you want to use The Gamma in a private way, see the developer documentation or get in touch for support.